How to increase your dorm room internet speed


For a recovery day after a weekend bender, you decide to finally start watching breaking bad so your friends can shut up about it. The only problem is your rip off college is making you stay in the dorms for your first two years. The internet there is so bad you have to stare at a frozen screen of Walter White mid sentence as he seemingly makes an orgasm face.

Not to worry! Here’s what you do.

Step 1

Ask around to see if other people are having the same issue.

Step 2

Call up your school’s tech support and file a formal complaint. I found out that at mine a certain number of complaints have to be made until they will do something about it. You know where I’m going with this.

Step 3

Ask everyone you can to flood the phone lines complaining about it. Make it a priority for them. Bitch and moan as much as possible, after all, you are probably paying loads of money to be there. Say it’s interfering with your classwork, ect.

 I did this and my dorm got an internet speed upgrade the very next month. Your school might be different but it’s definitely worth a shot.

Possible step 4??? profit

Find your local school newspaper and see if they will do a piece on it, those guys never have anything to write about anyways and might just say yes. It might simply just not be in the budget, but if you pull it off everyone will love you.






Is your life a lie? An MGMT song/music vdeo analysis.


I was pleasantly surprised to hear one of MGMT’s new singles from their upcoming self titled album coming out on September 17th. This time, MGMT chose to go with substance over form with their bluntly honest, unapologetic anthem titled “Your Life Is A Lie”.

MGMT has gotten a lot of flak for “Your Life Is A Lie” in comments sections across the web. I have to give them props for keeping it real, so to speak, despite what many think of it. Many people have had an almost allergic reaction to the song. Critics have  claimed that it’s too repetitively ear piercing and simplistic, while missing(or avoiding) the obvious message in the song.

People aren’t getting that this song isn’t supposed to be very catchy or pleasing. The song’s melody is unpleasant and kind of disturbing on purpose. It represents the rude awakening you might experience if you really put your relationships to the test. (“Hold your breath, everyone left”) You may find out that your so called friends actually don’t care about you, but rather care about the facade of friendship. Living a lie means aligning yourself with beliefs you have merely inherited rather than thought through. It means being friends with people because they share the same style or drinking habits rather than because they share honesty and curiosity with you. It means putting up with an abusive relationship because your too afraid of social rejection. You get the point.

These things might be hard to come to terms with. (So “Try not to cry”) Realizing that you don’t want to be used as a stage prop by your family or peers, you might find it disorienting(hence the trippy music and the midget with the lady in the weird outfit) trying to fix dysfunctional relationships or ditching them altogether. This would leave you very alone and isolated. (But “You will survive, on your own”) You will ultimately emerge happier and better off as you slowly make more real friends who truly care about you. (represented by the dove flying free)

(“Your life is a lie, now there’s no time” An old man with a slash mark over a friend of his is shown) This just means to make these choices now in your relationships before you grow old and it becomes too late to change. Before you become “hollow inside”, and you filled with regret, feel like your already dead inside anyways.

Shabba Ranks: A Lesson in Coolness


I just listened to ASAP Ferg’s “Shabba”. Curious, after a quick Google search I found that in the song, Ferg pays tribute to Shabba Ranks, the first Jamaican DJ to go mainstream bank in the 80’s. I was delighted to have discovered some new music from a bygone era. Although my delight was not shared by many cool cats who listened to and knew about Shabba Ranks for years. It’s funny how people can be more angry rather than happy about having newly found something in common. I can understand this phenomenon of angry cool kids because many things described as being cool or hip will just become boring if it becomes too popular. If I’m the 1st kid on the block to get a pair of Ray Bans, then the next day I wake up to find everyone else wearing them too I no longer stand out amongst the crowd. Therefore, the get cool kid gets angry, or as I like to call “angrool”. Or maybe I should go with “crangly”.

What makes a good entrepreneur

A good entrepreneur embodies a wide variety of attributes. Many of these general traits are obvious but others are more obscure and uniquely fitting to entrepreneurs. I believe people can be born with some degree of natural advantage over others, but learning and hard work can more than make up for it. An ideal entrepreneur is naturally talented, but more importantly, has integrity and a developed character to go along with it.

A thoughtful process is needed for long term planning, but at the same time, a clever wit is needed to resolve problems on the fly. When entrepreneurs go to investor conferences and display their business prospects for instance, careful planning can prepare you for the most difficult of questions posed by investors. Even so, not all questions can be predicted, which brings us to the art of “winging it”. When posed with an unexpected problem under pressure, effective use of “winging it” means keeping your cool and attempting come up with the best solution rather than curling up into a ball and assuming the fetal position. “Winging it” is needed to handle the many surprises you would expect over the course of founding a start up.
A creative and intelligent mind can also help to provide new products and innovative ways of solving people’s everyday needs. However, these traits should also be accompanied by a good sense of character. Confidence is great, but not if it is overshadowed by arrogance. Self righteous people may also find themselves out of touch with reality, in the belief that they can do no wrong. Arrogance may cause an entrepreneur to make over optimistic assumptions of success, leading to critical mistakes. Arrogant people may also find themselves incapable of receiving useful feedback from other people if they only see it in a negative light, rather than as a possible opportunity for improvement. In short, as an entrepreneur, you should always be critical of yourself, but never doubtful of your abilities.

The passion to learn is probably the most critical ingredient that makes up the successful entrepreneur. There are many examples of entrepreneurs who had a willingness to read books instead of watch movies and to search for solutions to problems rather than complaining about them. In many cases, the genuine interest and subsequent expertise in a certain discipline is what causes an entrepreneur to be motivated in starting a business in that field. One example of a entrepreneur who did this was Bill Gates, who began learning about computers when he was only 13. Learning can be induced by constantly surrounding yourself with people that are willing to feed off each other’s energy and grow with you. Friends that will challenge what you believe is possible are vital to the entrepreneur’s self improvement. You want to surround yourself with people that won’t drag you down. There’s this quote that sums it up pretty well.;”You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” So if you spend time with overly complacent people, then you will find yourself being constantly pulled down to their level.
Another point to keep in mind is that people who conduct business cannot do everything all by themselves. When starting a business, a large network of specialists, partners, advisers, investors and lawyers need to be enlisted. These key connections can serve to help the entrepreneur in the complex task of starting a business, and communication skills are necessary to begin building relationships with these people. Although an entrepreneur can simply hire someone to deal with PR and the more social aspects of starting a business, a basic aptitude is needed to get the ball rolling and to lead in the basic functions of the company. An entrepreneur may have many great ideas and insights, but with no ability to express them effectively, it will be hard to obtain the cooperation and understanding of others.

The course of founding a start up company can be a long and arduous task. An iron will is needed to forge ahead in spite of the most hopeless situations an entrepreneur may encounter. Take the story of Elon musk for example, Elon Musk was one of the Paypal Co-founders who made $200 million dollars off of its sale to Ebay in 2002. Elon didn’t stop there though, next, Elon started two other companies, Space X and Tesla Motors. Elon had trouble finding funds for his startups, no one believed that he could make the first commercially viable all electric car or an independent space exploration company. When Musk ran out of funds, he resorted to borrowing money from family and friends to keep his ventures afloat. When the 2008 financial crisis hit, funding was cut short yet again. Elon was forced to layoff a third of his staff. Originally, Elon only wanted to be the chairman and largest stakeholder of Tesla Motors, so he hired a CEO for the company, but to make up for the workforce reduction, Elon stepped up to the plate and assumed multiple roles within the company. Elon contributed to product designs and replaced the CEO to cut costs. The crisis caught him off guard, and Elon was already working around the clock as a CEO and CTO at Space X. At the same time, he was mid stream in working with yet another start up, called Solar City. Elon would later describe the event as “the closest moment he had ever came to having a nervous break down”. His companies were on the verge of bankruptcy, but Elon believed in his companies so much that he invested every last penny into the ventures. Elon’s unwavering determination paid off. Tesla Motors just posted its first profit last month, and Space-X has successfully docked with the international space station, winning a 400 million dollar contract with NASA in the process.

The debate bound to change the course of history.

Robert Murphy, an Austrian school economist at the institute for energy research, has challenged mainstream economist Paul Krugman to a debate on the business cycle. Krugman would of course simply ignore the challenge, but Murphy has come up with a clever way of making it happen. In short, if Krugman debates Murphy, thousands of dollars will be donated to a food bank in New York depending on how many people contribute.

Murphy is a champion of free market principles and sound money. Krugman has been a proponent of the steady rise in government interventionism and government deficit spending. Choose your side, and make your pledge at:

Zeitgeist: Marxism with a cherry on top

I recently watched the popular Zeitgeist: Moving forward documentary. At first I really liked it, and I still do like many things about it. All except the Marxist ideas expressed in it. After reading A synthesis of the Russian textbook on psycho-politics and learning about the consequences of oppressing the free individual, I realized that the Zeitgeist series is the perfect example of mixing in a lie with many truths to deceive people. It makes capitalism out to be evil, but free market capitalism only seems bad because we actually don’t have a free market today, and haven’t since the late 1800’s. We have a highly regulated crony-capitalist system. I do agree that we have a “value system disorder” and many issues with finite resources, but Marxism is just not the answer. The real solution is to restore our republic, in which the government cannot be swayed in favor of the elite. A government that has no ability to manipulate the market.

I think Stefan Molyneux gave a good critique of the documentary:

Words to live by.

“The individual is solely responsible for giving his or her own life meaning and for living that life passionately and sincerely, in spite of many existential obstacles and distractions including despair, angst, absurdity, alienation, and boredom.”-Soren Kierkegaard

Depressed? Well now, have you ever considered yourself a smart person?

“Happiness in intelligent people is the rarest thing I know.”

Do you spend more time on Wikipedia than you do facebook?

Despair, redifined:
Is despair a merit or a defect? Purely dialectically it is both. If one were to think of despair only in the abstract, without reference to some particular despairer, one would have to say it is an enormous merit. The possibility of this sickness is man’s advantage over the beast, and it is an advantage which characterizes him quite otherwise than the upright posture, for it bespeaks the infinite erectness or loftiness of his being spirit. The possibility of this sickness is man’s advantage over the beast; to be aware of this sickness is the Christian’s advantage over natural man; to be cured of this sickness is the Christian’s blessedness.

– Anti-Climacus, The Sickness Unto Death p. 45

Think about religion/philosophy/meaning of life/problems of the world much?