Is your life a lie? An MGMT song/music vdeo analysis.


I was pleasantly surprised to hear one of MGMT’s new singles from their upcoming self titled album coming out on September 17th. This time, MGMT chose to go with substance over form with their bluntly honest, unapologetic anthem titled “Your Life Is A Lie”.

MGMT has gotten a lot of flak for “Your Life Is A Lie” in comments sections across the web. I have to give them props for keeping it real, so to speak, despite what many think of it. Many people have had an almost allergic reaction to the song. Critics have  claimed that it’s too repetitively ear piercing and simplistic, while missing(or avoiding) the obvious message in the song.

People aren’t getting that this song isn’t supposed to be very catchy or pleasing. The song’s melody is unpleasant and kind of disturbing on purpose. It represents the rude awakening you might experience if you really put your relationships to the test. (“Hold your breath, everyone left”) You may find out that your so called friends actually don’t care about you, but rather care about the facade of friendship. Living a lie means aligning yourself with beliefs you have merely inherited rather than thought through. It means being friends with people because they share the same style or drinking habits rather than because they share honesty and curiosity with you. It means putting up with an abusive relationship because your too afraid of social rejection. You get the point.

These things might be hard to come to terms with. (So “Try not to cry”) Realizing that you don’t want to be used as a stage prop by your family or peers, you might find it disorienting(hence the trippy music and the midget with the lady in the weird outfit) trying to fix dysfunctional relationships or ditching them altogether. This would leave you very alone and isolated. (But “You will survive, on your own”) You will ultimately emerge happier and better off as you slowly make more real friends who truly care about you. (represented by the dove flying free)

(“Your life is a lie, now there’s no time” An old man with a slash mark over a friend of his is shown) This just means to make these choices now in your relationships before you grow old and it becomes too late to change. Before you become “hollow inside”, and you filled with regret, feel like your already dead inside anyways.


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